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Build options --->

     Commands  --->
 (/ti/mini437x_buildroot/configs/mini4378_defconfig) Location to save buildroot config
 ($(TOPDIR)/dl) Download dir
 ($(BASE_DIR)/host) Host dir
     Mirrors and Download locations  --->
 (0) Number of jobs to run simultaneously (0 for auto)
 [ ] Enable compiler cache
 [ ] build packages with debugging symbols
 [*] strip target binaries
 ()    executables that should not be stripped
 ()    directories that should be skipped when stripping
     gcc optimization level (optimize for size)  --->
 [ ] Enable google-breakpad support
     libraries (shared only)  --->
 ($(CONFIG_DIR)/ location of a package override file
 (board/mini437x/patches) global patch directories
     Advanced  --->
     *** Security Hardening Options ***
     Stack Smashing Protection (None)  --->
     RELRO Protection (None)  --->
     Buffer-overflow Detection (FORTIFY_SOURCE) (None)  --->